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reflection of humanity

As humans, we are beings caught between the tangible realities of our daily existence and the intangible aspirations of our spirit. It is this dance between the ephemeral and the eternal that Teater Pandora seeks to encapsulate in our art.


Every Teater Pandora production is more than just entertainment; it is intended to be a conversation on what it means to be human. Likewise, rather than rely on techniques, sets and scriptwriting, our innovative approach is in our perspective. Where others use the stage as mirror to reflect the face of society, we seek to use it to reflect the soul of society.


Drawing inspiration from Indonesia’s rich tapestry of culture, traditions and history, supplemented by techniques and know-how from further abroad, we craft narratives of love, loss, hope, despair, dreams and reality – stories that are both rooted deeply in Indonesia as well as universal to the experience of being human.

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